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To help new clients get up and running quickly, Galaxy has tools to help import some existing data. For example, Galaxy can use your MDS submission files to create some basic master tables (like room and bed), basic resident master data, and historical MDS data, integrating it into the Galaxy system. Galaxy staff will guide you in setting up all initial data, and can even provide complete custom set-up service.


Galaxy software is so easy and intuitive, it generally takes far less time to learn than you might expect. We offer both on-site and online training, and either way our professional training staff gets to know you, your staff, and the style and pace of your organization. You will be up and running, and genuinely comfortable with the software in record time!


Galaxy’s skilled support professionals have an unparalleled record of responding to most support calls within minutes. Helping you understand how to get the best out of the system involves not only a command of the software, but also requires a thorough knowledge of the sometimes complex regulations governing MDS submissions, QIS survey, and electronic billing subtleties. We are here when you need us, with both regular business-hour service and 24/7 emergency support available.


Whether you need a special export of selected data to satisfy an auditor, an unusual format for a monthly aging report required by a lender, or interim service to keep billing and other business office functions up-to-date due to an extended absence or temporary vacancy, you can count on Galaxy for the most effective and economic custom solutions.