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ABOUT OUR basic modules


Included with any module for no additional fee are the following basic modules:


ADT is included with AR/Billing and/or with any clinical module. It includes:

  • Resident Master
  • Marketing and Inquiries
  • Customized Admission Record and Transfer Forms
  • Customized Agreements and Consent Forms

The Resident Master is shared by Billing and Clinical Modules and contains a host of information that can be used by many departments. Galaxy maintains a regularly updated ICD9 Table for maintaining resident diagnoses. Resident lists can be printed with many different options.

The Marketing System allows you to record incoming inquires and referrals, create a reminder or to-do list for follow through, track results and analyze statistics, such as:

  • Who are the major referral sources for Medicare and Private Pay residents?
  • What percentage of inquires culminate in a visit, and what percentage of visits result in an admission?
  • What is the average time span between a visit and an admission?

It saves all the information you collect during the inquiry process, and this data does not need to be re-entered upon admission. The Admission Record (commonly known as the “Face Sheet”) and other similar forms can be customized according to each facility's needs.

You can create templates from your Admission Agreements (and a chain, as may be necessary, could even have different Agreements for different facilities), Consent Forms, and other documents. Then, you can print those Agreements and Forms merged with the information in the Resident Master.


Schedule conflicts are a thing of the past! Identify each facility activity (Bingo, movie night, a trip to the park, etc.), as well as other functions, such as therapy and doctor visits, even different types of staff meetings. Then schedule the various times these functions will occur. You can limit the number of participants in a given function, and even designate some functions as for women or men only. When you try to schedule a function that requires the van, Calendar will warn you if the van is already scheduled for another function during that time frame. The same is true for scheduling a resident for an activity when she is already scheduled for PT during that time. You can easily record and maintain accurate, historical attendance records.


Maintain maximum security and maximum flexibility. The Galaxy report creation tool is actually two modules: Galaxy Reporter is a complete report generator, and Custom Reports is a separately passworded module that allows for viewing reports that protect the raw data that might be accessed when creating the reports. With Galaxy Reporter, you can directly type SQL, and even use the scripting language to incorporate the most sophisticated logic, but you don't have to!

Galaxy Reporter provides you with an SQL Wizard so that you can automatically create reports without knowing SQL at all. You can even create input fields to allow those viewing or printing the report to specify filters (such as a date range, specified facility with a chain, financial class, etc.).