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ABOUT OUR technology


Galaxy far exceeds HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Only Galaxy employs the Galaxy Secure Business BrowserTM without which others can’t even connect to enter a password. Galaxy is multi-tiered, written from ground up as the most efficient technology for the Internet. The powerful and robust OracleTM database engine is used on the back end. Galaxy technology is designed to protect data integrity. For example, if a power outage should occur and you are disconnected from the Server, Galaxy will automatically detect the disconnection, roll back any transactions in progress (no “half-postings” in the file), and log the user out. When power is restored, you just log back in.

Galaxy avoids technologies that often cause screen freeze-ups, or require replacing an HTML page each time data is requested from the server. One reason for Galaxy’s lightening fast speed is that Galaxy’s technology allows for dynamic SQL requests that retrieve data right onto the current data entry screen. This allows for the fastest cross-checks and validation, without compromise.

Galaxy connects all data for an enterprise (single facility or chain of facilities) with appropriately passworded Galaxy users. All users of the enterprise are connected to each other and to Galaxy support staff through Galaxy Mail and Chat. You can access your Galaxy System from anywhere in the world. Galaxy can send special messages and warnings to your designated management. For example, a corporate Clinical Manager might receive an automated warning about a Medicare Assessment which has not yet been submitted, for a resident in a different building in a different state, giving management the time needed to prevent dropping to the default rate.


Galaxy’s Clients benefit from the highest levels of data integration. A well-designed database shared by all Galaxy Software modules not only reduces data entry, it promotes the automated cross-checks that eliminate errors and increase revenue. So, of course, Resident Master data is shared by billing and clinical modules. But Galaxy goes far beyond that. MDS Section I is automatically completed and UB-04 billing is validated by the Resident Diagnoses in ADT, Financial Statements provide per diem revenue and costs by utilizing Census data in AR, draft Care Plans are virtually completed from MDS data, and a resident’s Care Plan is used to find charges that were not entered into the billing system!